New GTA 5 Online Bonuses And Discounts Announced

Rockstar has announced the latest limited-time discounts and bonuses Grand Theft Auto V players can earn in GTA Online.
From now until June 12, players will be awarded double GTA$ and RP for doing Special Vehicle Missions. You can also earn an additional 25% GTA$ on all Biker Business Sales and Special Cargo Deliveries.
The latest round of discounts, meanwhile, lets you save on “big-ticket items” like special vehicles, executive offices, and more from Warstock, DockTease, Dynasty 8 Executive, Elitas, and Ammu-Nation. Here are some of the items currently available for 25% off (the full list can be found on Rockstar's website):
Executive OfficesExecutive Office Garages & Garage Mod ShopImponte Ruiner 2000 (both prices)Coil Rocket Voltic (both prices)Rhino TankHVY Insurgent Pick-Up (both prices)Buckingham Valkyrie (both prices)Brute Armored Boxville (both prices)Yachts (all models & model upgrades)The Premium Race this week is Steeplechase, while Del Perro Pier is the current Time Tr..

Nintendo Switch Version Of Monster Hunter XX Supports Cross-Play With 3DS

Capcom has revealed some more details on the recently announced Switch version of Monster Hunter XX.
The game is scheduled to arrive in Japan this summer on August 25. The physical release will retail for ¥5,800 ($52), while the digital version will cost slightly less at ¥5,546. ($49.82).
Monster Hunter XX was initially released for 3DS back in March. The upcoming Switch version features the same content, but now supports 1080p resolution when docked and 720p in handheld mode. Like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which released simultaneously for both 3DS and Wii U, players can transfer their save data from the 3DS game to the new Switch version, and vice-versa. Likewise. Monster Hunter Generations players can transfer their saves to the Switch game, though this data cannot be transferred back. The Switch version also supports cross-play with the 3DS title, though it's strictly limited to online sessions; up to four Switch players can play together either locally or online, however.

How Far Cry 5 Could Make A Serious Political Statement…Or Get It Very, Very Wrong

Yesterday's full reveal of Far Cry 5 comes at an interesting time, to say the least. Its choice of a US setting–as opposed to the “exotic” locations in previous Far Cry games–seems acutely prescient, primed and ready to make a statement about the country. While Ubisoft's decision to tackle a potentially controversial and difficult setting is admirable, there's a thin line between an interesting examination of the current political climate of the US and a game that is incredibly tone-deaf in its approach. For Far Cry 5 to really nail its setting and themes, it shouldn't shy away from the messy, complicated reality of its real-life inspirations.
Far Cry 5's cult-occupied Montana setting isn't an accident. During a behind-closed-doors presentation ahead of the reveal, creative director Dan Hay specifically mentioned the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon in 2016 as an influence of sorts (whether it's for the anti-government militia the..

Oculus Rift Officially Brings Room Scale To The VR Platform

One limitation of the Oculus Rift virtual reality platform was the lack of room-scale tracking, but that has changed with release 1.15 of the Oculus App. The new version introduces full room-scale capability and improves tracking for setups with three sensors, which is required for a room-scale experience.
Full 360-degree tracking was available in 1.14 as long as you had three Oculus sensors setup, but was essentially in an experimental phase. Two-sensor 360-degree tracking is still an the experimental phase and doesn't allow full room-scale, however.
Room-scale allows those in VR to walk around their space and have movements fully recognized in all directions within the VR application. A few notable games on Oculus that benefit from room-scale are Rec Room, Onward, and Arizona Sunshine. The HTC Vive launched with room-scale capability with the tracking of its lighthouse sensors, but remains the most costly consumer VR solution.
The Oculus Rift and its included accessories (Touch ..

Battlefield 1’s May Update Nerfs Bayonets, Tweaks AA, And More

During a livestream today, Battlefield developer DICE has previewed many of the changes being made in Battlefield 1's upcoming May update. This doesn't introduce much in the way of new content, but it does make balance changes and add some quality-of-life improvements.
One such improvement is called Operation playlists. Rather than playing through an Operation and then having to return to the main menu to find a new game, these servers will keep you playing. This is described as a “first step,” and it shows–for the time being, the same Operation will loop over and over, with players simply swapping sides at the end of each game. In the future, DICE intends for this to cycle through different Operations. In the meantime, this should allow you to keep playing on a full server without having to deal with matchmaking.
Bayonets see a change to mitigate the frustration of those who have found themselves on the receiving end. The damage reduction players have while performing a bay..

Here’s What You Can Watch For Free On Vudu In June

Vudu has announced the latest set of movies that it will be streaming for free next month. The streaming site, owned by Walmart, began streaming select movies for free last year on its Vudu on Us service.
Starting June 1, there about a dozen new films available from many different genres, including Hannibal, Antitrust, and The Legend of Bruce Lee, which tells the story of the legendary martial arts star. Films are available to watch at no charge, but they are supported by ads.
The Legend of Bruce Lee will only be available for free on Vudu on Us for the month of June. It's also your last chance to watch My Week with Marilyn, Brothers, and True Grit for free, as those films will leave Vudu on Us at the end of the month too. Check out the full list of what's coming and what's going below.
Vudu June 2017 ArrivalsThe Legend of Bruce LeeIgorMaterial GirlsHannibalSome GirlsAntitrustDesperately Seeking SusanAftershockRollerballThe Mod SquadSubmarineSaved!QuartetVudu June 2017 D..

Switch’s Monster Hunter XX Reveal Boosts Nintendo’s Rising Stock To 8-Year High

If you needed further proof of Monster Hunter's immense influence in Japan, the mere announcement that the series is coming to Nintendo Switch caused Nintendo to experience another jump in market value (via CNBC).
Following the news that Capcom would be bringing Monster Hunter XX to Switch, Nintendo's share price rose 5.48% to ¥33,510 ($301.27). Nintendo's stock had already been trending upward; earlier in the week, the company hit a seven-year high thanks in part to strong demand for Switch. This latest jump has now put the company's market value at its highest point since October 2008.
Monster Hunter XX is an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations, featuring a host of additional monsters, weapon sets, quests, and other content. Monster Hunter XX released for 3DS back in March, but it has so far remained exclusive to Japan. Capcom hasn't announced whether it will be localizing the title for either console, but the publisher has released other recent in..