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Splatoon 2’s Clunky Headset Up For Preorder

Hori is releasing its officially licensed–and rather clunky–headset for Splatoon 2 in the US. The headset is available to preorder now on Amazon and launches alongside the colorful team-based shooter later this month, on July 21.
The “Splat & Chat” headset is modeled after the one worn in-game by male Inklings. It features a removable mic as well as interchangeable decorative plates. With the headset, players can communicate with their teammates during online matches while also listening to audio from the game, though the setup looks rather cumbersome; the headset plugs into the top of a squid-shaped splitter, which is then plugged into both the smartphone and Switch itself. You can see more pictures of the headset, taken from Amazon, below.
Voice chat in Splatoon 2 is facilitated through the Nintendo Switch Online app, a dedicated smartphone app that is a central component of the console's online service. A “limited” version of the app is rolling out the same day that Splatoon ..

Nintendo Switch Update For NBA Playgrounds Out Now After Troubled Development

When NBA Playgrounds launched on Nintendo Switch back in May, it didn't have online functionality. Although it featured several offline modes, developer Saber Interactive said that it would patch in online support a few days after release. It took far longer than the studio anticipated, however. Two months after the game's Switch launch, the update is finally available today.
The patch is primarily focused on adding online multiplayer functionality. You can now compete in ranked matches for spots on a leaderboard. In addition, with the Challenge feature, you can challenge any other player to a match. “All you have to do is agree on a code, open the online mode, switch to Challenges, enter that code and face each other,” the developer said in a message to Switch users.
The patch also includes a substantial overhaul to the shooting system. “We've redone the timing, added a meter, and clarified the entire system,” Saber explained. In addition, 15 new players have been added..

No Man’s Sky Alternate-Reality Game Teases Big New Update Coming Next Month

It's been almost a year since the procedurally generated space-exploration game No Man's Sky was released on PS4 and PC. Developer Hello Games has been radio silent since it released the game's most recent content update back in March. Now, we know at least one thing that the studio has been working on: a crazy, mysterious alternate-reality game which points toward a big update coming in August.
The ARG started at the beginning of June, when moderators of No Man's Sky subreddits got packages in the mail that contained a poster and a cassette. According to r/NoMansSkyTheGame moderator UnimatrixZeroOne, decoding the clues hidden in the cassette recordings led to a string, which itself was translated to “portal.” This allowed fans to solve the next clue in the Waking Titan ARG.
Progressing through Waking Titan uncovered several documents that teased developments within the No Man's Sky universe. This culminated in the most recent file which reveals that a new upda..

PS4 Version Of Twin Peaks-Inspired Adventure Game Thimbleweed Park Announced

Last week, Maniac Mansion co-creator Ron Gilbert teased that his latest point-and-click adventure, Thimbleweed Park, is coming to Switch when he tweeted a video of himself playing the game on Nintendo's console. As it turns out, Thimbleweed Park is also arriving on PlayStation 4 this summer, Gilbert announced today.
In a post on PlayStation Blog, Gilbert confirmed that the retro-styled adventure game is releasing for Sony's console on August 22. “Ever since the initial launch on 30th March, we’ve been hammered with questions about when it’ll be coming to PlayStation,” the post reads. “It’s exciting to see that the interest in this game extends far beyond the die-hard adventure game fans who backed it and we’re thrilled to bring Thimbleweed Park to a whole new audience with our PS4 launch on 22nd August.”
Thimbleweed Park first debuted for Xbox One and PC earlier this year. The game was funded through Kickstarter and is a spiritual successor to the aforementioned Maniac Mansio..

Next Big Update For PS4/PC’s Paragon Dated And Detailed

Epic Games' action-MOBA Paragon is getting a huge patch next month, the developer announced today. It's one of the biggest patches to come this year, and it includes a bunch of significant changes, including the final part of the game's revamped art style.
In a blog post, Epic revealed that “The Next Big Update,” as it refers to patch v.42, is coming to the game on August 8. The patch is headlined by the final art update to the game's map, Monolith. Epic released a screenshot of the updated visuals, and it looks pretty beautiful. You can see it below.
The update will also include a number of other big tweaks. It completely reworks Paragon's card system, it rebalances the game's economy and gameplay, it adds a new Mastery system, and it reworks the ranged character Iggy. Although Epic didn't go into specifics on these changes, it definitely seems like they'll add up to a significant overhaul of most of the game.
In addition, Epic teased the next t..

Nintendo Files Application For Mystery Trademark, Reports Say

Nintendo has filed a trademark application in Japan for something called “Nintendo Check-In,” according to a bot on Twitter. @Trademark_bot is an account that automatically tweets out any public Japanese trademark applications. Take a look at the image below:
There are no details from Nintendo at this time about what “Nintendo Check-In' is, but the tweet says the trademark falls under category 41. According to Nintendo Everything, that means it could be used for:
Screening and production or distribution of moviesStage play performancesMusical performancePlanning and management of game tournamentsProviding games onlineProviding entertainment facilitiesRental of toysCheck out the tweet about Nintendo below. The trademark application was filed on June 20, and we'll report back as soon as we get any more information about what “Nintendo Check-In” is, and if we'll be seeing it outside of Japan.
商標:[画像] /
出願人:任天堂株式会社 /
出願日:2017年6月20日 /

Spotify-Like Video Game Subscription Service Announced, Now In Beta

Jump, a new video game subscription service that works a bit like Spotify, was revealed today alongside a closed beta.
The service, which is focused on highly rated and award-winning indie games at launch, gives subscribers unlimited access to a curated library of games. The games load in Jump's app in around a minute, depending on the size of the game and your internet connection, using technology that avoids the latency and quality issues of typical game streaming.
Jump will launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux with 60 games. More will be added periodically, and developers can submit games for consideration.
The closed beta runs from today, July 10, through July 24. You can sign up on Jump's website. When it launches later this summer, subscriptions will start at $10 per month.

Monster Hunter Characters and Dungeon Come To Puzzle And Dragons Today

Monster Hunter is coming to the popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons, developer GungHo Online announced today. The collaboration launches today and includes Monster Hunter characters, enemies, a multiplayer dungeon, and a campaign to the game.
The biggest addition is that of the multiplayer dungeon, which allows three players to team up and take on a Monster Hunter-themed campaign. It includes several new enemies from the Monster Hunter games, and it features battles ranging in difficulty from Intermediate to Ultra G.
In addition, the collaboration includes two new playable characters. You get the Male Hunter immediately upon logging in, and you can earn the Female Hunter by clearing part of the dungeon. According to a press release, these characters can also be strengthened by “performing an Ultimate Evolution using the material items from the Monster Hunter Collab dungeons.” You can also simply buy the characters with its in-game currency.
If you've reached Rank 50 in Puzzle & D..