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Dark Souls Publisher Reveals Its New Game, A Vampire RPG

Ahead of schedule, the recently teased game from Bandai Namco has been revealed as Code Vein, an RPG where you play as a vampire.
Code Vein is described as a “dungeon exploration-type, hard action RPG” in the latest issue of Japanese publication Famitsu (as translated by Gematsu). It's in development by the same team responsible for the God Eater series.
Set in a post-apocalyptic near future, players assume the role of a Revenant. These are superpowered vampires who have lost most of their memories and now live as part of a society called Vein. Revenant need blood in order to avoid turning into something called a Lost.
Through the Buddy system, you can take an AI-controlled companion with you as you explore and engage in combat with a variety of swords and other melee weapons.
The full game is apparently still a ways off, with Famitsu reporting it's only 30% complete at this point and is not due out until 2018. It runs on Unreal Engine 4 but does not yet have any confirmed pl..

New Horizon Zero Dawn Update Out Today, Here’s What It Does

Guerrilla Games has revealed a new update for its PlayStation 4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn. The patch goes live today, introducing a load of bug fixes and a couple of new features.
Most notably, you can now listen to your own music whilst playing Horizon, plus the update also adds the ability to drop chests that contain unwanted items. The remainder of the patch is made up of minor fixes; take a look at the full list below.
The open-world game's most recent patch added support for 3D Audio, while previous ones have tweaked balancing and fixed yet more bugs.
Guerrilla revealed recently that an early prototype of the game featured Killzone's machine guns, but they were removed as they felt “weird.” Prior to that, the game's publisher, Sony, confirmed that a story expansion is on its way, so those who've enjoyed the game will soon get more content to dig into.
Horizon Zero Dawn launched on February 28 in the US before coming to Europe on March 1. The game received wi..

Alien: Covenant’s Doomed Crew Send Messages Home In Latest Teasers

Alien: Covenant hits theatres next month, and two new promotional teasers have been released. They take the form of video messages left by crew members for their families back home. The first features Katherine Waterston, playing Daniels, while the second focuses on Billy Crudup's character, Oram. Check them out below:
These teasers follow a series of TV spots that were released over the past few weeks. Watch these three promos, plus a teaser that uses the unlikely choice of a classic John Denver song.
Directed by Ridley Scott, Alien: Covenant also stars Michael Fassbender, James Franco, Danny McBride, and Demian Bichir. An intense full trailer was released in February, which followed this special prologue. There was also a disturbing poster for the movie.
Scott has also revealed that the name of the next film in the series will be Alien: Awakening, and it will sit chronologically between 2012's Prometheus and Covenant.
“There will be another one before we kind of literally a..

GTA 5 Online Now Offers Previously Exclusive Vehicles To All Players

Rockstar has revealed the latest slate of weekly deals and bonuses in Grand Theft Auto V's Online mode and announced plans to sell previously exclusive content to all players.
When GTA V moved from last generation consoles to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Rockstar offered returning players certain exclusives, such as the Dodo seaplane and Duke O'Death. As of today, those are now available for sale to all GTA Online players.
Here's what you can buy that you may not have been able to previously:
Marshall monster truckDodo seaplaneKraken submarineImponte Dukes carDeclasse Stallion carBlista Compact carHatchetIf you're one of those players who made the transition from a last-gen version of the game and purchased any of these, you'll receive a refund. Any money you spent on them will be returned to your in-game Maze Bank account within the next week.
Today also sees the launch of the next in-game bonus and discount event. From now through May 1, Contact missions will offer..

Torment: Tides Of Numenera Performance Issues Addressed In Patch Notes

A new update has arrived for Torment: Tides of Numenera that purports to fix the game's performance problems, among other issues.
Numenera is the latest RPG from Wasteland 2 and The Bard's Tale developer InXile Entertainment. Numerous players have complained of bugs and performance issues since its launch earlier this year, and in March the company pledged to release a patch addressing them.
Update 1.0.2 is out now and consists of performance optimization and fixes for various freezes. It also resolves issues that would cause members of your party to talk less than they should.
Here are the full patch highlights, courtesy of InXile:
Fixes many freezes that would happen in various situations.Numerous performance optimizations.Addendum text now appears on item descriptions. Dozens of items have more detailed descriptions depending on your lore skills and other factors.Fixes an issue that was preventing party members from bantering. Party members should now be much more talkativ..

Watch Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s Secret Ending

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild rewards exploration and discovery, and while speedrunners have started taking the game down in record time, there are specific payoffs for completing as many sidequents as you can. That's one of the reasons we haven't released this video until now–we unlocked this additional ending scene for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild quite a while ago, but we wanted to make sure you had a chance to find it on your own.
Consider this a heavy spoiler warning for the end of Breath of the Wild. If you haven't beaten the game yet, or you just want to discover everything on your own, read (and watch) no further.
To unlock this additional ending scene, which takes place after the end credits, you simply have to unlock every hidden memory, then head back to Impa. She'll give you one more memory to unlock. Defeat Ganon, watch the credits roll, then enjoy this extended scene between Link and Zelda.
How far have you gotten in Br..

1 TB PS4 Slim Finally Coming To US

Sony has announced it's bringing the 1 TB version of its PlayStation 4 Slim to US stores “this month.”
The company announced the news on Twitter, at the same time as confirming the console's price as $300. That's the same MSRP as the current 500 GB model, though it routinely sells for less. It's not yet clear if this new 1 TB version will be an alternative to the 500 GB device or if it will replace it.
Arriving on store shelves this month: new slim PS4 system featuring a 1TB internal HDD for $299.99 MSRP! Details:
— PlayStation (@PlayStation) April 18, 2017The 1 TB variant had not been available in the United States until this point, despite it coming to Europe in September of last year. The original launch of the PS4 Slim came shortly after Microsoft released the slimmed-down Xbox One S, which also starts at $300. For more on the two consoles, check out GameSpot's comparison gallery.
Since then, the PS4 Pro–..

AMD Radeon RX 580 And RX 570 Review

AMD released its RX 400 series graphics cards last year, and while they couldn't match the performance of Nvidia’s high-end 10-series GPUs, they arguably offered more bang for the buck. AMD's new 500 series video cards are built on the same underlying Polaris microarchitecture, but they have been refined through a more mature 14nm manufacturing process that allows them to run a bit faster.
Table of Contents [hide]AMD Radeon SpecsDesignBenchmarks1080p Benchmarks1080p Benchmark Conclusion1440p Benchmarks1440p Benchmark Conclusion4K Benchmarks4K Benchmark ConclusionVR BenchmarkTemperatures and NoiseConclusionThe RX 580 leads the charge in performance this time around and supplants AMD's RX 480, which the company released last year. Alongside that, the company sent us a RX 570 to test. This card replaces AMD's RX 470, which came out last August. Like the 400 series before it, the RX 580 and RX 570 still target mainstream users with starting prices at $199 and $169, resp..

Marvel Heroes PS4 Closed Beta Goes Live Friday, Here’s How To Get In

The recently teased PS4 closed beta for Gazillion Entertainment's action-RPG/MMO hybrid Marvel Heroes Omega is scheduled to go up this Friday, April 21. An Xbox One closed beta is confirmed to follow sometime later.
Those interested in joining the Marvel Heroes Omega closed beta on PS4 can secure a chance to play by purchasing any of the various Founder’s Packs, which go up on sale on the PlayStation Store or the game's official website this Friday. PlayStation Plus members playing the closed beta receive access to added bonuses, including a free Daredevil costume, in-game currency discounts, and other limited-time exclusive access to select Heroes.
Marvel Heroes Omega is the latest iteration of Marvel Heroes, which originally launched on PC in 2013. The console version carries over much the of the content available on the PC version, including its story mode and its myriad extra modes, challenges, and difficulties.
Exclusive to the console version is the addition of local co..