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Fighting Game BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced At Evo 2017

This weekend at the Evo 2017 fighting game championships, Arc System Works announced BlazBlue Cross Battle Tag. A 2D fighting game, Cross Tag Battle is a crossover title that features characters from franchises like Persona 4 Arena, BlazBlue, and Under Night In-Birth.
“Look forward to the tag team battle that no one has ever imagined!” reads a line from the game's description (via Polygon).
Going off the first trailer, which you can see above, it looks like Cross Tag Battle is a 2v2 tag battle game where you choose characters from the different franchises.
Cross Tag Battle is scheduled to launch in 2018 for consoles, though there are no further details available about the game.
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Watch The Game Of Thrones S7 Ep 2 Trailer Here

Game of Thrones returned tonight for its seventh season, kicking off with the debut episode “Dragonstone.” We have a full rundown of the episode here. You're probably already thinking about Episode 2, “Stormborn,” and now the first trailer for it has landed.
Obviously this trailer has lots of spoilers about what's happening in Westeros, so maybe don't watch this if you are not caught up. “Stormborn” airs on Sunday, July 23.
For even more on the first episode of the new Game of Thrones season, go to Entertainment Weekly to see what Arya actress Maisie Williams had to say about what her character did in the premiere.
In other Game of Thrones news, some of the series regulars have spoken out against online leaks.
There are seven episodes in this season, while the eighth and final season will have just six–though they could be longer than usual. Though Game of Thrones is coming to an end, there are pilots for as many as five spinoffs in the works.

Directing Final Fantasy 7 Remake And Kingdom Hearts 3 Together Made Life Easier For Nomura

Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy 7 remake are two of the mostly eagerly anticipated games in development right now, and they’re being directed by the same man: Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura, who has previously worked extensively on both franchises. During a group interview at Disney's D23 expo, he explained how the two new games have proved the perfect complements to one another for him as director.
“I don’t really feel any sort of hurdles or difficulty because the two titles are so different,” he said. “It actually works to my advantage because [they’re] so different. If both titles seem to have a sort of similar vein, both titles may start to look the same. So with the two being different, if there’s one thing that I could not do in one title, I might be able to do it in the other. It works out for me in that way.”
He added that the biggest challenge is simply how busy he is. “For example, we were making preparations to come here to D23 for Kingdom Hearts, and while we..

Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Tetsuya Nomura Explains What Took So Long

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been a long time coming, and despite the series’ many spin-offs, remakes and re-releases, fans are hungry for another adventure with Sora and friends. It’s been 12 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out on PS2, and in a recent group interview at Disney’s D23 expo, game director Tetsuya Nomura explained what’s taken so long.
“A lot of people have been mentioning and making it sound like ‘Oh, Nomura’s taking too much time,’ and it hurts,“ Nomura said, through a translator. He explained that the decision was made above his head to switch development to Unreal Engine 4 after about a year of development, which caused extensive delays. In addition, certain timing and resources challenges within Square Enix had an effect.
“There was a decision made to change to an external [engine]…Unreal Engine 4,” he said. “So we switched over to that. Unfortunately there was a bit of time that needed to be rewinded and started over. So there was a bit of a setback there, but it was a ..

Game Of Thrones: The Biggest Moments From Season 7, Episode 1 [SPOILERS]

Game of Thrones is back for Season 7 and started off with a bang this week. The season opener–titled “Dragonstone”–offered a lot of insight into where this year's stories and characters will be headed. We'll be taking a look at one big moment from this week's episode.
Warning: Spoilers are coming.
Right off the bat, the audience was treated to a jaw-dropping moment, involving House Frey. Walder Frey sat in front of his men, enjoying a large banquet in celebration of all their accomplishments. His men were handed wine for a toast, the finest wine. However, Walder does not drink the wine, while his men guzzle it down. Walder recounts the Red Wedding and makes mention that they did not kill all of the Starks, and that was their mistake. “Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe,” he states.
All of the soldiers drop dead, from poison, and Walder removes his face to reveal it was Arya Stark all along. She turns to the young girl next to her and says, “When people a..

Next Street Fighter 5 DLC Character Revealed

Street Fighter V's character roster will grow next week when Abigail arrives as a DLC fighter. Capcom announced today at Evo 2017 that Abigail will arrive on July 25.
There will also be a new stage, Metro City Bay Area, as well as story and battle costumes. You can see all of this in the trailer above.
Abigail will be available through Street Fighter V's $30 Season 2 character pass, which also includes Akuma, Kolin, Ed, and one further character to be announced later. Abigail is from the Final Fight series, and as you can tell from the trailer, he's a big bruiser.
Also coming to Street Fighter V on July 25 are more retro costumes and a stage called Suzaku Castle. You can learn more about all of that news in GameSpot's report here.
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Game Of Thrones Actors Speak Out Against Online Leaks

Basically every big show or movie with a passionate fanbase has to deal with leaks, and Game of Thrones is of course no different. The Season 7 premiere is airing tonight, and before now, there were leaks and reports about plot points for the penultimate season. Now, some of the show's cast has spoken out against online leaks.
“I get so angry about it like we all do,” Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, told Entertainment Weekly. “There's nothing you can do about it. People for some reason want to spoil things for other people and, hopefully, most people don't look at the stuff. For those who do, it's so easy to slip up and see something you don't want to see.”
Littlefinger actor Aiden Gillen said leaks are especially unfortunate because he and other cast members work so hard to protect secrets. “You think about all the work you do,” he said. “I'd never say anything to anybody–even my closest family members. I take security very seriously. Maybe that&#039..

Dragon Ball FighterZ Dev Comments On Switch Version, Cross-Play

The exciting-looking fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ could come to Nintendo Switch, though it sounds like it won't happen anytime soon. At the Evo 2017 tournament this weekend, producer Tomoko Hiroki said the developer is focusing on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2's Switch version first before thinking about what comes next.
“We want players to first go there,” Hiroki said about bringing Xenoverse 2 to Switch, according to Destructoid. “And then we can talk about FighterZ.”
Xenoverse 2 comes out for Switch in September, so the hypothetical Switch version of FighterZ would follow sometime after that.
Another hot topic for multiplayer gaming these days is cross-play, and we now know FighterZ will not support this. Hiroki told Shonen Games (via BleedingCool) that there won't be cross-play between consoles and/or PC.
In other news about Dragon Ball FighterZ, the next character, Trunks, was also announced at Evo this weekend. You can learn more and watch a trailer here.
Here are ..

Tekken 7’s Next DLC Character Revealed

The Fatal Fury character Geese Howard is coming to fighting game Tekken 7 as a DLC character, Bandai Namco announced at the fighting game tournament Evo today.
Geese Howard will join the roster this winter. You can check out the new trailer embedded above to get an idea for what to expect from the new character.
The announcement of Geese Howard comes after the reveal of the Ultimate Tekken Bowl mode, which comes to the game in August. You can learn more about that piece of DLC here in GameSpot's previous coverage.
Tekken 7 is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game received its first patch last month, which addressed issues with the game's online matchmaking and improved connection stability.
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Fan-Favorite Character Confirmed For Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster

Following the first reveal in June, the fan-favourite Dragon Ball character, Trunks, was officially confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ today during the Evo tournament. A new trailer introduces the character, while we also learn that sign-ups for the closed beta will begin on July 26 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Dragon Ball FighterZ was announced during Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference, and is confirmed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Fights happen on a 2D plane, but the game is rendered in full-3D, creating a striking visual style that is faithful to the Dragon Ball Z anime series.
The game features 3v3 brawls, and you can see how the tag team battles work in the video above. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is slated for an early 2018 release.
For more, you can see a gallery of all the confirmed characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ.
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