Nintendo Switch 2.2.0 System Update Out Now

A new system update is available now for the Nintendo Switch.
Launched today, update 2.2.0 includes “general system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience,” according to the patch notes posted on Nintendo's website (via NeoGAF).
The update should apply automatically if your Switch is connected to the internet. You can also manually start the update if you need to. Once update, your current version should say 2.2.0.
It is not immediately clear what this update does specifically. If you've noticed anything different or improved, let us know in the comments below.
The Switch launched on March 3 globally. It sold 906,000 units in the United States during its first month, with launch title Zelda: Breath of the Wild moving more than 1.3 million units for Switch and Wii U combined. The Switch is the fastest-selling Nintendo system ever.

Titanfall 2 Getting New DLC Maps, Titan, And More In The Coming Months

Respawn Entertainment has teased future content for Titanfall 2. In a blog post, the studio discussed the content coming to the game between April and June, which includes new maps, a new Titan, and more.
During that window, Respawn will add two each of general multiplayer maps (Glitch and Relic) and live fire (Traffic and Deck) maps, as well as another Titan whose name hasn't been disclosed yet. All of this content is free. In terms of paid content, Respawn is launching two new Prime Titans, including Ronin and Tone.
It's not shown in the image, but Respawn is also added more paid content in the form of camos, nose art, and warpaint, among other things.
Even more DLC is on the way, though Respawn isn't ready just yet to reveal it. “We'll let you folks speculate as to what else we could be working on…” the studio said.
In addition to the new content, Respawn plans to add a number of gameplay features, updates, and tweaks in the April-June window. This includes th..

This Week’s Xbox One And Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed

Microsoft has revealed the latest batch of deals for Xbox Live Gold members. This week's selection includes discounts on a number of great games and DLC bundles for both Xbox One and Xbox 360, which will only be on sale until next week.
Xbox One Gold members in particular can find savings on some acclaimed titles. BioShock: The Collection is available for $30/£22.50, while Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has been discounted to $19.80/£14.85. Another BioWare RPG is on sale this week; this time, players can pick up Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year edition for $13.20/£8.25 and its DLC bundle for $9.90/£8.25. Some other notable discounts for Gold members include:
Child of Light — $4.50/£3.60Final Fantasy XV — $25/£20Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition — $3.75/£2.80Hitman: The Complete First Season — $24/£18Overcooked — $5.61/£4.22Rayman Legends — $10/£6Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition — $12/£9.60Even if you don't have an Xbox Live Gold membership, you ..

Injustice 2 Poison Ivy Trailer Reveals A Killer Plant With Huge Teeth

NetherRealm has released a new trailer for fighting game sequel Injustice 2. This latest gameplay video focuses on the character Poison Ivy, showcasing her moves in battles against characters like Bane and Catwoman. She shuts them down uses a number of botanical-based moves and skills.
Her finishing move looks particularly menacing, as Poison Ivy's unfortunate adversary gets snarled up by a plant and fed to a beast with mighty chompers. Here's the video:
This is just the latest trailer for Injustice 2 released in recent weeks. Before this, there was one that covered the game's Gear system and another that focused on The Flash, as well as one that showed off Scarecrow's frightening moves.
Injustice 2 launches on May 16 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can see a roundup of all the confirmed characters here.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Weighs In On Singular Or Plural Question

When Lucasfilm announced the official title for Episode VIII–The Last Jedi–fans immediately wanted to know if Jedi should be considered singular or plural, as it can mean both.
Now, director Rian Johnson himself has weighed in on the discussion. Speaking to ABC News (via Uproxx), whose parent company is Disney, Johnson said, “In my mind, it's singular.”
EXCLUSIVE: @StarWars: #TheLastJedi director @rianjohnson says “last Jedi” is SINGULAR in his mind.
— Good Morning America (@GMA) April 14, 2017The interviewer then asked if Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is the last Jedi. “If you say so,” Johnson replied. He went on: “They say in The Force Awakens that he's going to find the last Jedi temple, and Luke is the last Jedi.”
Also in the interview, Johnson said he was surprised to see the discussion around The Last Jedi's title garner so much discussion. He said he “never even pondered” the question of singular vs. plural, and said it “seems like the..

Alan Wake, Quantum Break Dev Confirms New Project, Codenamed P7

What's next for Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy? As part of its latest earnings report (via PlayStation Lifestyle), the Finnish studio shared some further insight, including the confirmation of a new “game project” that is codenamed P7.
That the game exists is about all we know. However, Remedy did say that its goal for it is to release it on a “wider range of platforms,” which suggests it won't be exclusive to any one system. Remedy also made a point to mention that its Northlight game engine will support PlayStation 4. This was the engine used to create Quantum Break, which was exclus
In addition to P7, Remedy is making the sequel to CrossFire in partnership with Korean studio Smilegate. The first game is a massive hit, reaching 650 million registered users and over $1 billion in yearly revenue, according to Remedy.
It remains to be seen if Remedy will make a sequel to Quantum Break or Alan Wake. Quantum Break “sold really well,” Microsoft marketing boss Aaro..

Star Wars: The Last Jedi — Mark Hamill Talks About Luke And His Journey

We finally saw more of Luke Skywalker in the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Now, actor Mark Hamill has discussed Luke's journey in the new movie and more. Speaking to Fandango, Hamill said Luke is a “completely different person” in the new movie.
“He had an arc [in the original trilogy], and I think [Carrie Fisher] and [Harrison Ford] admitted their characters were pretty much the same throughout, but Luke was always changing,” Hamill said. “Now we have this 30-year gap between the films, so a lot of it is conjecture. It's not specifically my story– Rey is now the protagonist.”
Also in the interview, Hamill talked about how it took him some time to warm up to The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson's ideas for Luke.
“I think you'll find some things that'll surprise you,” he explained. “They certainly surprised me. I said to Rian, I think I fundamentally disagree with everything you've decided for me. Now having said that, I have to accept it, get m..

Bloodline Season 3 Trailer And Premiere Date Revealed

The end is nigh for Bloodline. Netflix today released the first trailer and announced the premiere date for the show's third season, which is expected to be its last.
All 10 episodes of Season 3 will premiere on May 26, which is Memorial Day weekend in the US.
Bloodline follows the Rayburns, a family in Florida who hide horrible secrets and are continually lying to keep their deeds under wraps. Season 2 ended with a dramatic cliffhanger, so fans of the series will be happy to see the show come back and hopefully offer a satisfying conclusion.
Although this trailer makes it clear that Season 3 is expected to be Bloodline's last, series creators Todd Kessler, Glenn Kessler, and Daniel Zelman have said they had five or six seasons mapped out. A report from last year suggested that future seasons could air outside of Netflix, though nothing is confirmed.
Another element to this story is that Florida, where the show is set and where it films, cut its entertainment tax incentive pr..

Xbox Game Pass Preview Expanding To More Users

Microsoft is now letting even more people test the Xbox Game Pass service before its public rollout later this year. A new wave of invitations for Preview members, the third overall, is now underway.
Players who are in the Preview program can join the Xbox Game Pass Alpha Preview by launching the Xbox Insider Hub and selecting Xbox Game pass Alpha Preview. The new wave of invitations were delivered by Xbox Live Messages; one was sent to GameSpot.
Xbox Game Pass, which was announced in February, is a Netflix-like service that provides subscribers with access to a catalog of 100 games (see all the confirmed titles here). Some games could drop out of the library, based on what third-party publishers want, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said people can subscribe with confidence.
Xbox Game Pass is expected to launch for all Xbox One owners this Spring, though a date has not been announced. Considering a new wave of alpha invitations is available now, it's clear that the testing proces..

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Lets You Play A Week Early With EA/Origin Access

One of the benefits of an EA Access subscription is that it lets you play at least a portion of upcoming games before they are released publicly. In many cases, the early access period begins five days before launch. But for Star Wars: Battlefront II, EA Access members can start even sooner.
A post on the Battlefront II pre-order website shows that EA/Origin Access subscribers can begin playing on November 9, which is eight days before the game's November 17 release date. Progress carries over to the full game for players who decide to pick it up.
The early access period for 2015's Battlefront started on November 12, five days before the game's official release date. The early play period had a time limit (10 hours) and it can be expected that Battlefront II's early access period will have a playtime cap of its own.
EA/Origin Access subscriptions are available for $5/month or $30/year. The latter is the more economical choice if you are sure you want to subscribe..