You Can Fight Square Enix’s CEO In Nier: Automata’s New DLC

Nier: Automata has new DLC on the way, and it's got a selling point you don't see often: It allows you to beat up the CEOs of the companies responsible for the game.
The DLC–which carries the totally easy-to-remember name 3C3C1D119440927–has three new coliseums to compete in. As featured in the video above, one of these has you trying to convince a secretary to let you in to see someone, and it even forces you to agree that you're okay with the fourth wall being broken. Once you do, you'll fight against Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda. Later on, developer Platinum Games' president and CEO, Kenichi Sato, also joins the fight.
You can check out a second, less CEO-centric gameplay video from the DLC below.
Alongside these encounters, 3C3C1D119440927 features new sub-quests that unlock various bonuses. These include new outfits for 2B, 9S, and A2 that you can see in the gallery below; they're based on ones from the Japan-only game Nier: Replican..

Batman And Flash Team Up To Solve DC’s Biggest Mystery

Last year, DC changed their comic continuity with Rebirth. The one-shot issue brought the characters back to their core, while alluding that something or someone more powerful was behind the alteration to the universe: Doctor Manhattan from the critically acclaimed book Watchmen.
Now, DC is giving readers some answers to the questions that have been plaguing their minds since last May. The Batman/Flash crossover story The Button kicks off in Batman #21.
Batman and The Flash team up to learn more about the mysterious button–once owned by The Comedian–which is embedded in the walls of the Batcave. However, Reverse Flash is also a part of this mystery, as seen in the preview above.
DC has been tight-lipped about the four-part crossover, which will take place in Batman #21-22 and Flash #21-22. The publisher released a solicitation for the story but nothing else: “What starts as a simple investigation turns deadly when the secrets of the button prove irresistible to an unwelcome third par..

Overwatch’s Genji Comes To Heroes Of The Storm; Hanamura Added to Map List

Today, Blizzard adds Genji to its deep roster of characters in Heroes of the Storm. With Tracer, Lucio, and Zarya already included, Genji is the fourth Overwatch character to cross over to the Nexus. In addition to the member of the Shimada clan, a reimagined version of his home turf Hanamura comes to the lineup of battlegrounds. Both are playable in beta and will be fully incorporated in the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update.
Genji performs X-Strike, his unique heroic ability.Genji is classified as an Assassin hero that's highly mobile. He can deal large amounts of damage, but can't take too much himself. Since Heroes doesn't feature the verticality of Overwatch, Genji's wall-scaling ability is retooled as Cyber Agility, a passive trait that allows him to leap over walls. All of his powers from Overwatch are also carrying over with the addition of a unique Heroic Ability. The following is his move list:
Shuriken (Basic): Throws three shuriken in a spread pattern to de..

Top 20 Best-Selling PS4 Games On PSN For March 2017 Revealed

March had some major game releases, but it was Ghost Recon: Wildlands that came out as the top-selling PS4 game on PSN in the US for the month.
Sony has published its monthly sales charts for the PlayStation Store during March, and Wildlands was able to beat out games like Horizon: Zero Dawn (released in February), Mass Effect: Andromeda, and MLB The Show 17, which took up the next few spots on the list. The excellent Nier: Automata, released on the same day as Wildlands, came in at the No. 11 spot. February's top game, For Honor, fell to No. 15.
Nier: AutomataThe PS3 and Vita charts were their usual selves, dictated in large part by what was on sale. Likely in anticipation of Andromeda's release, the Mass Effect Trilogy reached the No. 1 spot on PS3, while the God of War Collection topped the Vita chart.
While there has been some grumbling about DLC being sold for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, the $15 Variety map pack was the top-selling DLC on PS4. Dark Souls III..