Play As Thor And Fight Demons In This New Game From Viking Metal Band

Amon Amarth, a Swedish viking metal band that gets its name from the Lord of the Rings, has launched a video game. Titled “Amon Amarth,” the game has four worlds, 12 levels, and “four epic battles” where you–as Thor–face off against legendary Norse creatures and beings. The game features 13 of the band's songs, but presented in chip-tune form.
The announcement trailer uses the band's ripping cut “Raise Your Horns,” but with its chip-tune presentation, it has a very different sound and feel to it.
You fight against enemies you might have seen in Thor: Ragnarok, including Surtur, Fenris, and Hel. The serpent Nidhogg is also an enemy you'll face with your hammer, Mjolnir. You can also of course wield the power of thunder and lightning. Take a look at the announcement/launch trailer above to get a closer look.
A press release (via MetalSucks) from Amon Amarth's label, Metal Blade/Sony Music reveals that the game was developed by Swedish studio Ride & Crash Games. You ..

New PC Sale Discounts 1000-Plus Games Ahead Of Black Friday

The Humble Store, the digital PC game storefront of Humble Bundle, has launched a Fall sale. There are more than 1000 games on sale, while Humble is also offering Double Fine's metal music-themed action game Brutal Legend completely free for a limited time.
Some of the notable Humble Fall Sale deals include Project Cars 2 ($36), Planet Coaster ($20.24), the Metro Redux bundle ($6), Street Fighter V ($20), L.A. Noire Complete Edition ($18), and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen ($12). Additionally, Resident Evil 7 is down to $30, while Dead Rising 4 is down to $24. Some of the other deals include Hotline Miami ($2.50), Hatoful Boyfriend ($2.50), and Alien: Isolation The Collection ($10). In most cases, the games are available on Steam and Windows 10, but be sure to check the specific product page for availability. Go to Humble's website to see a rundown of all the deals.
As for the Brutal Legend freebie, it's available for $0.00 through Wednesday, November 22. You can grab..

Disney, Lucasfilm Respond To Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Microtransaction Controversy

Lucasfilm, the film and TV company behind Star Wars, has responded to the controversy around microtransactions surrounding the recently launched Star Wars: Battlefront II. A spokesperson told The Washington Post that the company stands behind publisher EA's decision to temporarily suspend the game's implementation of microtransactions.
“Star Wars has always been about the fans–and whether it's Battlefront or any other Star Wars experience, they come first,” the spokesperson said. “That's why we support EA's decision to temporarily remove in-game payments to address fan concerns.”
Battlefront II's microtransactions were removed just hours before the game's official launch on Friday, November 17. EA made the call after facing a wave of criticism amongst those who played an early version of the game through EA/Origin Access or by pre-ordering. In addition to heat from fans, it seems like Disney executive Jimmy Pitaro, who heads up the company's con..

Star Wars Battlefront 2: French Senator Writes Letter To Gambling Authority Over Potential Concerns

A French Senator has penned a letter to the online gambling authority in France regarding his thoughts on loot boxes and microtransactions in the wake of the controversy surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront II. Jerome Durain's letter to the independent agency, ARJEL, opens by praising video games and esports in particular for helping contribute to the cultural and economic growth of entertainment in France.
Despite all of the positives, Durain pointed out in his letter posted on Twitter that the video game world is constantly evolving, with one potential area of concern being the growing trend of loot boxes and microtransactions, as most recently brought to the forefront by Star Wars: Battlefront II. He mentioned that there is some amount of worry among the gaming crowd that microtransactions could have a “deleterious” effect on the industry.
Durain went on to say that he is not recommending any specific legislation regarding microtransactions and loot boxes, adding that when loot b..

Black Friday Sale For EA PC Games On Origin Goes Live

Origin, the PC storefront operated by Electronic Arts, has launched a Black Friday sale. Quite a few games are on sale, including titles published by EA and other companies. EA-published games on sale include Battlefield 1, FIFA 18, Need for Speed: Payback, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Titanfall 2, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, and Dragon Age: Inquisition.
A range of games from other publishers are on sale, too, including The Lego Movie Video Game, Watch Dogs 2, This War of Mine, Far Cry 4, The Division, Farming Simulator 17, Inside, and The Witcher: Wild Hunt. Go to Origin's website here to see all of the deals and find out what they cost in your local currency. The sale ends at 10 AM PT on November 28.
The American metal band Origin, which was formed in the late '90s–many, many years before EA launched its Origin platform in 2011–has also kicked off a Black Friday sale. You can see a full rundown of the band's discounted items here on their label's website. To date, E..