Mute Review: If Blade Runner Was Bad

Sometimes a sci-fi movie just barely misses the mark. Maybe it didn't hit quite the right tone, or it failed to provide satisfying answers to the thought-provoking questions it proposed. There are plenty of science fiction films that we enjoy despite their flaws, because there's some good in them, too. And then there's Mute.
From Netflix and Duncan Jones, Mute promised to be a return to form for the director and writer behind the instant classic 2009 mind-bender Moon (and, more recently, the less-than-classic Warcraft). Unfortunately, Mute is a cartoonish, nonsensical, tone-deaf, derivative, outrageously awful nightmare without a single redeeming quality. Bummer, right?
From beginning to end, Mute is simply hard to watch. It starts when a young Amish boy named Leo suffers a terrible boating accident that leaves his vocal cords permanently shredded. As an adult, Leo (Alexander Skarsgard) has emigrated to Germany. A brief fly-by on a newspaper clipping clumsily tells us th..

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Wins Game Of The Year At DICE Awards

2017 may be over, but the video game industry is not yet finished celebrating the year's best games. The 21st DICE Awards took place this evening in Las Vegas, and Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild took home the highly coveted Game of the Year award.
Breath of the Wild won four awards in all tonight. In addition to Game of the Year, it won Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction, Outstanding Achievement in Game Design, and Adventure Game of the Year.
Studio MDHR's Xbox One and PC game Cuphead won three awards, while Horizon: Zero Dawn, Lone Echo/Echo Arena, and Snipperclips each took home two awards each. Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes won Mobile Game of the Year, while the company's racing game Mario Kart 8 was awarded Racing Game of the Year. FIFA 18 won Sports Game of the Year, while Injustice 2 nabbed Fighting Game of the Year. The hugely successful PUBG was honored for Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay.
In addition to these award..