Assassin’s Creed Movie “Took Itself Too Seriously,” Star Michael Fassbender Says

While movie adaptations of video games don't exactly have a great track record, hopes were high for last year's Assassin's Creed. The movie had a high-profile cast, acclaimed director, and big budget, as well as a big following for Ubisoft's games series.
Unfortunately, the film was met with poor reviews and a disappointing box office take, putting hopes of a sequel into doubt. Now, star Michael Fassbender has spoken about what he thinks went wrong with the movie, and what the chances of a follow-up are.
Speaking to Movienco, Fassbender said that he didn't think that the film was “entertaining” enough. “For sure, it wasn't ideal,” he said. “I think we missed an opportunity there a little bit. So we'll wait and see what Ubisoft are coming up with. But right now I don't know.
“I would make it more entertaining, that's really the main note. The feeling of the film, I think it took itself too seriously and I would get to the action a lot quicker..

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Halloween Event Begins Today

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Halloween event is now underway. All month long, players will be able to take part in Willard Wyler's Halloween Scream, a limited-time celebration that features Halloween-themed loot, new game modes, and more.
At the start of every week, players can get a free Halloween Supply Drop in Infinite Warfare simply by logging in to the game, while a free Halloween-themed cosmetic item will be available every Friday. In addition to that, you'll be able to earn Halloween gear and loot, including new zombie-themed Rig skins.
Beyond all the Halloween-themed items you can get, the Halloween Scream event adds a couple of new modes to the game, including the return of Gesture Warfare. This mode will only be back until October 12 and allows players to use gestures to kill their opponents. The following day, developer Infinity Ward will introduce Boss Battle mode, which allows players to jump right into battles against the final bosses from the various Z..

How Blade Runner 2049 Resurrected That Character From The Original

Spoilers for Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 below
Like Harrison Ford's character Rick Deckard as he sat in Niander Wallace's water-logged office, Blade Runner 2049 viewers got a shock when Sean Young's character from the original 1982 movie, Rachael the replicant, appeared in the just-released sequel looking fresh as a fabricated daisy.
In the movie itself, the character is confirmed to be long dead. More importantly, in real life the actress Sean Young has aged more than 30 years since the original Blade Runner's release. In Blade Runner 2049, Jared Leto's Wallace goes to presumably painstaking effort to recreate the replicant Rachael–to the best of his abilities, at least. The process of recreating Sean Young's appearance in the film, director Denis Villeneuve told GameSpot, was just as intense.
They started by casting a lookalike actress with the same height, skin tone, and general appearance as Sean Young in the original Blade Runner. Then they br..

American Horror Story: Cult Edits Gun Violence After Las Vegas Attack

FX announced “substantial edits” are being made to a scene in the next episode of American Horror Story: Cult. Creator Ryan Murphy and the show's producers made the call following the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1.
The scene in question opens the episode and, as FX explains, “contains a sequence that some viewers might find traumatic.” According to the network, the opening scene was filmed two months before the events of Last Vegas. Still, while the scene won't be shown in its original form when the episode airs Tuesday, October 10, it will be available to watch. According to FX, viewers will be able to see the full scene through VOD and the network's streaming platforms.
The full statement from FX follows: “In light of the tragedy last week in Las Vegas, Ryan Murphy and the producers of American Horror Story: Cult have chosen to make substantial edits to the opening scene of tomorrow night’s episode (Tuesday, October 10, 10 PM ET/PT). This opening, whic..

SNES Classic Hacked To Play More Games, Add A Very Welcome Feature

The Super NES Classic Edition boasts an impressive lineup of the original console's games, plus a long-lost, unreleased one in Star Fox 2. But just like its predecessor, the SNES Classic comes with no official means for playing anything other than those games. There's no Virtual Console-style digital library to purchase games from, nor can you pop in an original SNES cartridge if you still have one lying around. Yet just like the NES Classic Edition, hackers have found a way to expand what the system is capable of.
Using an updated version of a tool called HackChi–also used to hack the NES Classic–it's possible to load more games onto the SNES Classic by connecting it to a PC. Due to the fact that the system is loaded with 300 MB of storage, only a fraction of which is actually used by the officially included games, it's possible to load dozens of additional games. The video below, for instance, showcases a system that now has more than 200 of them. As you can see..

Star Wars: Last Jedi Director Says Maybe You Should Skip The New Trailer

A new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is coming on Monday, October 9. A teaser trailer released today shows Rey wielding a lightsaber, which is interesting. Now, director Rian Johnson has spoken up to say that, while he enjoys the trailer, you may want to avoid it if you're hoping see The Last Jedi with fresh eyes come December. [Update: Johnson has reiterated that he only said you should skip the trailer if “you want to come in totally 100% clean.”]
That already basically goes without saying, as a trailer for anything–even a video game about a big, mean goose–will spoil something for you. But movie trailers these days can sometimes give too much away. And Johnson's specific language–“absolutely avoid it”–seems to suggest that this new trailer could have some kind of big reveal. We don't know for sure, but we'll find out soon, as the trailer it set to drop during Monday Night Football tomorrow evening on Disney's sports channel ESPN.
I a legitimately t..

New Gameplay From Switch, PS4, PC RPG Lost Sphear Shows Off A Boss And More

Square Enix has been gradually pulling back the curtain on Lost Sphear, the next title from I Am Setsuna developer Tokyo RPG Factory. GameSpot recently got to see more of the upcoming RPG at a press event at New York Comic-Con, including a newly revealed boss.
Like I Am Setsuna before it, Lost Sphear is a retro-style RPG inspired by classic titles like Chrono Trigger. It features a modified version of the Active-Time Battle system, allowing players to maneuver their party members around the battlefield when it's their turn to attack. On top of that, players will get to outfit their party with Vulcosuits, mechanized suits of armor that enhance a character's strength and bestow them with new abilities.
The demo we checked out took us through a mission that occurs roughly four hours into the adventure, according to the Square Enix representatives at the event. We explored a dungeon located in an arid canyon, which culminated in a surprisingly challenging battle against a war mai..

The Evil Within 2 PS4, Xbox One, and PC Giveaway

Update: Winners have been contacted. Congrats to Alex C. and Ashley V. for winning the PS4/Xbox One custom consoles! You can see the rest of the winners' names in the “Winners” tab below. Look out for a giveaway every week here at GameSpot!
Original: We teamed up with Bethesda to give away these awesome The Evil Within 2 prize packs for free:
The Evil Within 2 on PS4, Xbox One, or PCThe Evil Within 2 Prima Strategy Guide, Shirt, Comic, and JournalGrand Prize: Custom The Evil Within 2 skinned consoles, (1) Xbox One and (1) PS4Please read this carefully: We have a total of fifteen (15) prize packs to give away, and two (2) winners will receive a custom The Evil Within 2 skinned console for Xbox One or PS4. Five (5) winners will be announced daily at approximately 5:00PM PT until the competition ends on Friday, October 13th at 5:00 PM PT. Winners can be seen in the “Winners” tab below. Console winners will be chosen on Friday. If you enter for a chance to win today and don't win..

Destiny 2’s Prestige Raid For Leviathan Unlocks Next Week [Update]

For most players, Destiny 2's Leviathan raid is already challenging. But if you're seeking an even more difficult version of it, you're in for a treat. Bungie has announced that the harder version of the raid, Prestige mode, launches for all PS4 and Xbox One players on Tuesday, October 10 at 10 AM PT after the weekly reset. [Update: Due to an exploit, the Leviathan Prestige Raid has been delayed.]
Bungie says you may not be able to beat the raid at this super-difficult level. “We do not expect everyone to be successful in completing this activity. Mechanical changes to the encounters are minimal, but they are there,” Bungie said. The overall goal for the Prestige difficulty is to put players into a “more punishing sandbox” and challenge you to master the ins and outs of it.
There will be rewards for successful completion of the raid at the new difficulty level, but Bungie said the goal is “not to provide a boon to your character progression.” Instead, players can expect ..

WWE’s Bray Wyatt And Sister Abigail Storyline Is A Bad Idea

The WWE's current Bray Wyatt/Finn Balor storyline has been going on for close to half a year. And yet, somehow, even though both men have exhausted their narrative possibilities, WWE is continuing this feud for at least another month. This past Monday, we learned that Bray Wyatt will finally introduce Sister Abigail–his oft-referred to mentor from his promos. This is a terrible idea.
At one time, back when Wyatt was the heir apparent to the Undertaker, this might have been exciting. Now, it feels like a cheap, short-term solution rather than a long-term commitment to Wyatt's success. Sadly, that's nothing new.
Like the Undertaker, Bray Wyatt debuted as a heel; the two of them share the same dark appeal. Undertaker had his Creatures of the Night. Wyatt has his sheep-masked Fireflies.
The Undertaker was supernatural. He could shoot lightning. He could float from the rafters. He could shrug off beatdowns and sit up like Dracula. A brand new wrestler, attempting the same so..