SNES Classic Edition Reportedly Coming This Year

After the recent discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo is reportedly now working on a mini version of its SNES console. The SNES Classic, as it's likely to be called, will launch “in time for Christmas this year,” according to Eurogamer.
The site says the in-development device is a major reason why Nintendo did not continue producing NES Classic units, despite it being sold out nearly everywhere due to high demand. Nintendo refused to comment when contacted by GameSpot.
The NES Classic launched in November 2016 as a miniature version of the 1983 console. It was essentially an emulator in a plug-and-play box, and it contained 30 pre-installed classic games including Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Castlevania, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Punch-Out!!, and Metroid.
After launch, the device proved to be more popular than anticipated; in February, Nintendo announced that sales had reached 1.5 million sales across the globe. Regarding the stock shortages many fans were facing, Nin..

DC’s Superman Prequel Show Krypton Gets Dazzling First Trailer

While the future slate for DC's movies remains up-in-the-air, its TV roster continues to thrive. The studio's latest show is Krypton, which as the title suggests takes a look at life on Superman's home planet before its destruction. A first teaser has been released–watch it at
Krypton is executively produced by David Goyer, who has plenty of experience with DC's superheroes. He co-wrote both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel, as well as Christopher Nolan's Batman movies and the Constantine TV show.
The synopsis reads: “Syfy's Krypton, the much-anticipated Superman prequel set two generations before the destruction of the legendary Man of Steel's home planet, will follow Superman's grandfather–whose House of El was ostracized and shamed–as he fights to redeem his family’s honor and save his beloved world from chaos.”
The show stars newcomer Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman. It also features ..

Pac-Man Maker Trademark Filed By Bandai Namco

Japanese publisher Bandai Namco has filed a trademark for an unknown project titled Pac-Man Maker. The application was submitted on April 18 and is currently under review by the European Union.
Bandai Namco has not yet announced any project called Pac-Man Maker, and this application does not necessarily mean a game is in active development; companies often file for trademarks simply to protect their intellectual property or to prepare for future enterprises. Bandai Namco also runs a large arcade machine business, so Pac-Man Maker may not pertain to a mainstream console game. The previous Pac-Man related trademark the company filed for was Pac-Man Wild Edition, which appears to be a slot machine game for use in arcades only.
On the same day, the company submitted trademarks for the recently-revealed Code Vein and another unknown item called Storm Wings.
Code Vein was teased last week with a mysterious trailer and is yet to be officially unveiled properly. More details are expected on Ap..

New Pirates 5 Trailer Confirms This Major Character’s Appearance

We've known for a while now that Will Turner will appear in the next Pirates movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales, but what about Elizabeth Turner (nee Swann)? Well, a new international trailer for the fifth entry in the swashbuckling series reveals that Elizabeth will indeed make an appearance.
You can watch the trailer here on YouTube (via Entertainment Weekly) to see the characters played by Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in the new film.
Dead Men Tell No Tales features another member of the Turner family. Henry (Brenton Thwaites) is the son of Will and Elizabeth, who is on a journey to find Will. At the end of At World's End, Will was sent to become the captain of the Flying Dutchman.
Dead Men Tell No Tales also stars Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and Javier Bardem as the bad guy Captain Salazar, as well as Geoffrey Rush, David Wenham, Kaya Scodelario, and Kevin McNally. The movie, which is directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, opens in theaters on May 26.
This story ..