Play Ghost Recon: Wildlands For Free This Week On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

With its new PvP mode Ghost War releasing soon, Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon: Wildlands will be playable for free later this week for a limited time. Separate from its five-hour trial, this free weekend event covers all platforms, giving PS4, Xbox One, and PC owners an opportunity to check out the open-world action game.
Starting on Thursday, October 12, Ubisoft will open up Wildlands to players on all platforms. It will be playable through Sunday, October 15, and includes access to the aforementioned Ghost War. Ubisoft did not specify, but you likely won't be able to try out the DLC that has been released for the game; we'll report back as we learn more. However, you can still benefit from the wide array of free updates that have been released since Wildlands' launch earlier this year.
Coinciding with the free weekend event, Ubisoft will offer a 50% discount on all versions of Wildlands. That will drop the standard version to $30/£27.50. Progress will carry ov..

WWE 2K18 Adds Its Greatest Playable Character Yet

In what was only the logical conclusion to WWE's ongoing partnership with fast food chain KFC, 2K Sports has announced that Colonel Sanders, KFC founder and patron saint of fried chicken, will be a playable character in WWE 2K18.
The Colonel has become a regular fixture of WWE television and PPVs in recent months. Many superstars have portrayed the iconic restaurateur, including Dolph Ziggler, Shawn Micheals, and most recently Kurt Angle during the announcement trailer that aired at last night's Hell in a Cell PPV, which you can watch below.
2K says Colonel Sanders can be accessed “through the game’s Create-a-Superstar Mode.” The publisher hasn't shown off any gameplay footage of the Colonel yet, though he'll be making his formal in-ring debut during WWE superstar Xavier Woods' YouTube show UpUpDownDown on October 12. It would be an absolute shame if his finisher isn't the Crossface Chickenwing.
WWE 2K18 releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Octo..

Rick & Morty Co-Creator Responds As McDonald’s Apologizes For Szechuan Sauce Shortages

[UPDATE] Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland issued a statement on Twitter. He said he's unhappy with how things have played out. He also asked fans to be patient and understand with McDonald's workers.
FYI: We had nothing to do with this McDonald's stuff. Not happy w/how this was handled. Please be cool to the employees it's not their fault
— Justin Roiland (@JustinRoiland) October 8, 2017The original story is below.
Today in news about this crazy world we live in, McDonald's has pledged to make Szechuan sauce more widely available after Rick & Morty fans complained. If you're just catching up, McDonald's originally announced that it was bringing back the sauce for one day. This happened recently, but people took issue with its scarce availability. So it's good news today that the fast food giant has apologised for the shortage and pledged to make the sauce more widely available in the future.
In a statement posted on Twitter, McDonald&#039..

October’s Free PS Plus Games For PS4, PS3, Vita Are Out Now

This past Tuesday was the first of October, and that means Sony has launched the month's lineup of PlayStation Plus freebies. PS Plus members can now download six more free games across PS4, PS3, and Vita.
The biggest of the bunch is easily on PS4, where subscribers can now get Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for free. The stellar final entry from series creator Hideo Kojima presents players with an open world and some excellent stealth mechanics, as you can read about in our 10/10 Phantom Pain review. Appropriately for Halloween month, it's joined by Amnesia Collection, a compilation of two different horror games: Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.
PS4 owners actually get a total of four games in October, as both Vita games–Hue and Sky Force Anniversary–support Cross-Buy. PS3 owners, meanwhile, get a total of three; Cross-Buy brings them Sky Force in addition to Hustle Kings and Monster Jam Battlegrounds.
If you haven't already claimed the..

Destiny 2 Nightfall Strike Guide: Savathun’s Song, Modifiers, And Cheese [Last Chance]

Bungie has rolled out the latest weekly reset for Destiny 2, which soon see some server downtime and the release of a new update. Among other things, the weekly reset means a new Nightfall is now available, complete with another set of modifiers, Challenges, and rewards. [Update: Availability for this week's Nightfall ends with the weekly reset on Tuesday, October 10, at 2 AM PT, making this your last chance to give it a try.]
This week's Nightfall Strike is Savathun's Song. As always in Destiny 2, you'll have to rush to finish, as a time limit is in place. But whereas last week's Nightfall featured a modifier that didn't permit you to extend the time limit, one of the modifiers this time around is Timewarp – Anomalies. Throughout the Strike, you'll encounter floating objects that can be destroyed, with each one providing an additional 30 seconds for you to make it to the final boss and defeat it.
The other active modifier is Momentum (which w..